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All About Food

AGRO24 is an IT company in the food product market

Its main objective is to create an environment for easy trade operations with lowest possible costs and losses.

Believe it or not, but modern food trade technologies are practically the same as those used in Europe two thousand years ago, in the times of Julius Caesar’s military campaigns in Spain, when people started using trade contracts to sell food.

Now we use telephone and email, but all they do is speed up document transfer as compared with a horse or a pigeon.

Some progress was achieved in exchange trade of food; however, this tool is manly used by a limited number of professionals and is considered as rather expensive and exclusive.

Food trade is the largest industry in the world in terms of volume: 225 billion dollars in Russia and 3 trillion dollars in the world. It is also the largest in terms of employed people: 10 million in Russia and 200 million in the world.

AGRO24 gives you:

  • increased income
  • decreased expenses
  • exact planning in terms of prices and deadlines
  • guarantees
  • cross-border product marketing
  • easy coordination with logistics, financing and insurance platforms

AGRO24 is the first professional marketplace platform:

  • state-of-the-art software
  • correct mathematics
  • BIG DATA processing
  • mobility

AGRO24 Platform
moduls and products:


Small and medium wholesale food selling and buying
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Information about food prices in Russia and in other countries
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Launch your own food sales business
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Price collection

Various ways to share your prices, discounts and offers
Access will be provided in the second quarter of 2019

All About Food

Information about food prices in shops
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A special tool to promote companies
Access will be provided in the second quarter of 2019


An evaluation system for retail chains, shops, manufacturers and governmental authorities
Is under development


February 2015
Aleksandr Volchek and his Partners decided to create a food marketplace platform. They understood that transaction guarantee and recommend prices were crucial for the marketplace, so they decided to start with a price monitoring system for the professional food market
March 2016
The first AGRO24 office launched in Moscow. At the same time, the website was launched and first pre-orders for information products were received.
April 2016
Our own Partner network was created. Live Money Franchise was launched. The first Partner in Rostov-on-Don appeared.
September 2016
Marketplace pre-registration started.
АГРО24. February 2015
АГРО24. March 2016
АГРО24. April 2016
АГРО24. September 2016
We will create the world’s largest online marketplace in the food market
Aleksandr Volchek
AGRO24 General Director and Founder

Our Team

Experienced in IT system development, in bulk sales on the online and services market and in food retail transactions.

Current situation in the industry

Food market:

$225 billion in Russia

$7,6 trillion in the world

billion food market
trillion Russia’s GDP
Food market in Russia
by 30 times larger than the oil product market
by 34 times larger than the gas market

A huge and inefficient market

  • Kickbacks and plots between buyers and sellers
  • No independent ratings
  • No transaction guarantees
  • Market monopolization and limitation
  • No control tools
  • Price unawareness
  • Long transaction search and negotiation time
  • No modern technologies, no user-friendly service

What we want is..

  • Make the food market understandable and open.
  • Increase wholesales and purchases efficiency.
  • Create and introduce new state-of-the-art technologies and processes for the market.


  • A unique parameter-based food catalogue has been developed
  • Specialized data processing algorithms have been added
  • Robot advisors and transaction linking algorithms have been developed and enabled
  • A system for processing and identifying unique offers has been created
  • User friendliness has been maintained despite the system’s internal complexity
  • An integrated system for information acquisition, transaction settlement, performance guarantee and arbitration has been created
  • A unique partner management and sales network system has been developed
  • A system for connecting additional services has been created


The system will be functioning if it is parameter-based. If AGRO24 succeed it will be a real breakthrough.
Alex Krivoshapko
Transparent pricing is a key for a sound economy and competition in this country.
Mikhail Fedorenko
We all need this project. Those to sell and those who buy. And there are a lot of people who do it, as far as we understand. Actually all people sell or buy something.
Dmitry Mugenov