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How It Works

Place a purchase or sales offer
Choose the product and its parameters
Specify purchase volume and intervals
Indicate where you would like to receive or pick up the products
If necessary, specify transportation, loading, quality, packaging and documentation requirements
Select payment terms
Determine transaction guarantee requirements
Determine the price independently or using a special tool which recommends the price based on the existing demand, offers, area and time
customer service

What you get

Actual value: thousands of retail and wholesale food prices are added into the system every day
Quick product selling: large customer base, transaction matching algorithms
User friendliness: cloud-base service, self-adaptive layout, simple and modern interface

Food trading platform participants

Federal and local
retail chains

Also: foreign import merchants, wholesale depots, markets, restaurants and various organizations that purchase food products.
Both legal entities and individuals can participate.
Access from any device via Internet

Extended promotion capabilities for shops, products and brands

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fruits, vegetables, berries, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy products, cereals, greens, spices, sauces, alimentary products, confectionery, drinks etc. A unique parameter-based food catalogue
Market access to foreign manufacturers and suppliers

A unique price analysis and
recommendation service inside

Retail prices from retail chains, small shops,
markets, e-shops and wholesale depots

Wholesale and retail price changes
over a certain period

You can find out the price to buy or sell food


Want to sell products at the best price? The possibility of holding an auction has been introduced on the trading platform!

You can make an offer to sell any product, assign a starting price for it and put up for auction.

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A great number of offers lets you make your purchase at the best price possible

Guaranteed receipt of products and money thanks to control, ratings and financial liabilities

Inside the system:

Catalogues of retail chains,
various food sellers, suppliers and manufacturers Go through free registration

Why choose us

Everything under control all transaction stages, transportation, food product quality and documentation
Participant ratings: independent ratings based on AGRO24 food trading platform experience
A service that provides compensation if the customer is not satisfied
Additional capabilities and support for your sales and procurement departments
Transaction financial guarantee: deposits and control at all stages
Fair and quick resolution of disputes
Dmitry Mugenov

Dmitry Mugenov AGRO24's Master Franchise Partner

We all need this project. Those to sell and those who buy. And there are a lot of people who do it, as far as we understand. Actually all people sell or buy something.

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